Bio fireplace

zaconex biosemineu 400 400
3 years warranty

Bio fireplaces, also called bio-ethanol fireplace or ethanol fireplace, are specially designed for surfaces where placing a traditional fireplace is impossible and is the preferred solution in certain homes for various reasons:

  • Easy to maintain, ideal for an apartment, house or attic.
  • Doesn’t need smoke chimney (it doesn’t emit smoke or smell).
  • It can be assembled easily in any space, without the need for a smoke chimney.
  • Low price.
  • It can be produced in various sizes, based on customer requirements.
  • It is great for creating a modern and spectacular surrounding, as bio fireplaces can be placed almost everywhere.

Bio fireplaces are fueled by a liquid bio-ethanol, which is 100% ecological and does not emit any toxic gases through burning. It is the preferred solution to an electrical fireplace, as it offers real fire in the room.


Technical description:

Level of deformation during usage: 5 mm

Tested working for: 5 hours of continuous usage


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