Frequent questions

There are many types of fireplace?

The most common type classification is the fireplace traditional fireplace and the bio fireplace.

(Heating about 9 radiators). We recommend that the type of fireplace to be chosen depending  on the space and efficiency requirements that we have.

There are fireplaces with another fuel than wood?

Yes, pellet stoves, gas and electric. Zaconex recommends you the bio fireplaces that work with bioethanol. They have certain advantages compared with fireplaces whose use fuel wood stove. The Rrequire no chimney and unlike another type of fireplace that does not use wood as fuel and, namely, electric fireplace, bio fireplaces offer a real flame.

Where to place a fireplace? Can I put a fireplace in the corner? But in the middle of the room?

Yes, the fireplace can be placed on a wall or corner formed by two walls. After an evaluation of the space where the fireplace can to be placed, taking into account other important factors such as position towards the chimney, the fireplace is constructed so as to be adapted room and the specific conditions.

How big are Zaconex’s fireplace windows?

Windows of Zaconex  fireplaces  size varies between 45 and 80 cm wide and 25 cm high and 47. We have the capacity to produce doors for any type of open fire is desired to be closed.

 It can change the direction of the door opening?

Depending on your fireplace, you can opt for a furnace door opening left or right. For details, study Zaconex firebox or contact us for more information.