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Building the fireplace by yourself – is it worth it?

What is better – building a fireplace by yourself or hiring a team of professionals? The answer to this question depends on your level of expertise and involvement. Building a fireplace is a complex project and like any project of this size, it requires an initial research effort you shouldn’t neglect.

Like for any other extensive work, take into consideration that you will need to allocate a certain amount of time in order to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the fireplaces and to find the best solutions for your home. Otherwise, your attempts to build a fireplace by yourself might end in rebuilding it from the scratch by a team of specialists. If however you do choose to do it by yourself, our recommendation is to call an experienced specialist willing to offer you guidance.

The professional will most likely inform you that, first of all, quality of materials is extremely important. A fireplace is a long term investment, therefore making a cost cut today is an almost sure way to lose money on the long term due to decreased efficiency and higher maintenance costs. By materials we refer mostly to the firebox – the piece that determines the power and heating intensity of the firebox – the isolation boards – which keep the heat in the interior – and last, but not least, to the chimney.

A rookie mistake often comes up when choosing the materials that the fireplace is built from. These need to be able to withstand the maximum heat that the firebox produces, as otherwise, serious damage risks appear. The chimney is also very important. When you choose the fireplace model, regardless of its quality, a professionally sized chimney is essential to evacuate the smoke outside, as otherwise, the fireplace might not work.

Therefore, even though a fireplace might seem to an untrained eye like a low-tech frame, it is in fact a relatively complicated system that needs to abide certain rules. In order to find them out, you either need to make a thorough research, or to undertake numerous experiments financed from your personal budget. However, if your objective is to safely enjoy a fireplace as soon as possible and have the warmth and exquisite atmosfere that only a well-made fireplace can offer, than our advice is to call Zaconex!


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