Postat in 26 October 2016

Evolution of Wood-Burning Fireplaces

There are several types of fireplaces based on their combustion source. Even though it has a centuries-long history, the classical wood-burning fireplace remains a favorite due to the fact that it has constantly evolved together with the customer needs and desires.

Whether we are talking about fireplaces or any other type of long-lasting products, the main selection criteria generally include price-performance ratio, functionality, design and environmental impact. From this perspective, it’s noteworthy that wood-burning fireplaces are performing well in all areas, while providing the same unmistakable style and class to any space.

In ancient times a fireplace was essentially a heating method, whereas today the main factor in choosing a fireplace is its beauty. For many, how a fireplace fits in a home or workspace is essential. A radiator – regardless of how special it is – cannot compete with a fireplace when it comes to beauty and style. Therefore, manufacturers have conformed to this trend and today offer fireplaces in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes that are adapted to various indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Another advantage of wood fireplaces that not many know of is that, due to their evolution, today their efficiency can compete in all respects with other heating sources. Through their modern technological design fireplaces have reached such a strong fuel burning that they exceed gas or electrical fireplaces. Estimates show that a wood-burning fireplace can bring heating savings of up to 40%. If you are in an area with frequent power failures or low pressure gas, wood-burning fireplace is more convenient, helping you to keep at least a part of the house heated until the power-source restoration.

Wood-burning fireplaces have kept pace with the modern times and today offer benefits that are impossible to ignore. Among them is the fact that wood is one of the few renewable resources. By its nature, the wood does not leave such a strong carbon footprint on the environment, as there is a balance between burnt wood and the trees that absorb carbon dioxide.

Therefore, even though a wood-burning fireplace purchase is usually a decision taken based on emotion, it is important to know that functionally you have every reason to rejoice with the decision and take advantage of all the benefits arising from the latest developments in fireplace product design and characteristics.


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