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Postat in 12 July 2016

How to choose a hotbed for fireplace?

Choosing a fireplace depends on many factors, the aesthetics is often the first that we think about. There are, however, several aspects that we must consider, because any fireplace is primarily adapted to the space.

The current offer of fireplace designs is vast, there are many opportunities for customizing. We see a trend toward even more extravagant forms that sometimes hardly resemble a fireplace, at least not in the classic sense.

The main role of the fireplace is to heat with high efficiency, energy saving, respecting the nature. And as aesthetically pleasing as a fireplace can be, it must adapt to his “heart” – the outbreak. And for a fireplace to work perfectly, it is essential for the “heart” to be connected to a safe and effective chimney.

How does an outbreak work

The operating principle for classical closed outbreaks rely on air convection. It travels up next to the outbreak, the hood is heated up, where it is discharged throughout the room. The specialized lectures have rules that lead to the correct shape and size of the outbreak so we could escape the smoke.

If the outbreak is the “heart” then the “engine” is the fireplace chimney, which should be studied to ensure that it provides the required smoke delivery depression. To understand what is the form most suited to the outbreak we must have some knowledge of aerodynamics and thermodynamics.

The airflow that is facilitating the combustion is passing through combustible material and everything depends on the grill, the outbreak construction and the place of the wood during combustion, to influence the speed of combustion, smoke temperature and evacuation.

Then, we need to ensure that oxygen and fresh air supply quantity is mixed with the combustion gases from the furnace. It produces a mixture of exhaust between the outbreak and the chimney. A good circulation is ensured by the outbreak construction, responsible for ensuring optimal mixture.

Safe operation of a fireplace is always the sum of several factors, and the outbreak is the basic element in this regard. An efficient outbreak, safe and well-built is the base of a correct operation. The correlation between the outbreak and the typology of the chimney so that the calculation is done correctly and without compromise, remains as important for our safety. It’s good to remember that there is no “fireplace good for all.” It is personalized depending on the location, the position towards the chimney, the type and size of the house, the role of the heat and the desired aesthetic.

Zaconex outbreaks are excellent for the vast majority of existing spaces. Also, we have specialists and advisors with extensive experience in the field. We invite you to contact us for further questions or orders.


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