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Postat in 25 July 2016

How to maintain the proper functioning of your fireplace

Each fireplace needs maintenance in order to be used on the long term and at a good performance level.

When we think about the fireplace maintenance, it is better to think about it as if it is a live being. At least, that would be the conclusion by its characteristics – it is warm, it is moving, it consumes and it… brings happiness to the entire family. The fireplace flame comes into our homes to bring peace, light and relaxation for the entire family, in a most natural way.

The proper fireplace maintenance starts with realizing the fact that fire reaches extreme temperatures. Through improper use and lack of attention for the way the fireplace works, it can happen any time that we go over the allowed temperature. Preventing harm to the fireplace through negligence is the best way you can help your fireplace.

We strongly recommend you to always read the instructions manual before starting to use your new fireplace. This way, you will find out about certain aspects of the fireplace that need to be constantly checked.

Wood fireplaces have a particularly important piece – essential for the good functioning of the fireplace that is the smoke chimney. We recommend using a chimney cleaning powder that is used with fuel and which has the role to improve the combustion process. And also will perform periodic cleaning of the chimney by specialized staff.

Bio fireplaces not require an inspection periodically. If instead it appears anywhere on the body where the focus lies moisture to ensure burning liquid (bioethanol) to be announced when the producing company to remedy the fault.

As a conclusion, remember that when you choose a fireplace, it is as if you are receiving in your house a connection to nature and pure relaxation. Fireplace offers through only minimal maintenance years of pleasure and communion with family and friends in the warmth of your own home.


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