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Postat in 11 August 2016

Top 5 reasons for having a fireplace

Having a fireplace in the home is more than a simple passion, it also comes with a lot of advantages for the owner. People looking to buy a home or build a new one will generally consider that the presence of a fireplace is a positive feature. From wood burning fireplaces to bio fireplaces, there are certain benefits that should be considered when deciding whether to go for a fireplace or not.


Regardless of their fuel, fireplaces are more environmentally sound than using a furnace for the total heating needs of the building. They bring not only financial benefits, but also are a heat source that produces low emissions.


Fireplaces are a great source of heat at an affordable price, which really helps a homeowner to lower their heating costs. This is especially true when we consider that fireplaces are designed in such a way as to minimize any loss and maximize the heat produced, for instance, through recuperators.


A beautiful fireplace will transform any room, as it can make wonders when it comes to the look and the feel of the environment. Fire provides a type of warmth that is natural, which makes most people feeling more comfortable, as it’s a great means of relaxation.


Contrary to the popular belief, a properly maintained fireplace can be very safe. Today, a fireplace is designed based on strict safety regulations and the chance of something unexpected happening is close to zero.


Depending on the type of fireplace you choose, installing it can take very little time, especially if you order it from a trustworthy company such as Zaconex. Considering its projected lifespan, a fireplace is an investment into the future of your home and family, an investment that can be set up efficiently with the help of experienced professionals.

In conclusion, from lowering the cost of your home heating to making your house a more beautiful place, to investing into your future, a fireplace brings multiple advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked before making the buying decision.




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