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TRENDS star in 2017. The fireplace interior home


The year 2017 brings to the interior design trends rich in vibrant and intense colors or relaxing and natural colors. Golden and copper-colored metals return in a reinvented version with accessories clad in elements of gold and copper.

As every year, Pantone Institute, the world authority in colors, announced the next years’ colours. For a trendy decor you can add these colors in finishes and furniture. The color palette for 2017 is a mix of vitality, relaxation and inspiration from nature. Kale green is the star color, a shade that invites you to reconnect with nature, healthy lifestyle, experimentation and exploitation.

Warm materials such as terracotta tiles will replace the cool tones and what in 2016 has been called “simply white”. Thus, the tiles in the color and texture of baked clay will have a natural matte finish and will be used mostly in bathrooms or plating fireplaces, which will add a touch of warm to the atmosphere inside. Specialists recommend brick or stone plates, which outlines a warm and welcoming atmosphere and make it the highlight of the entire room.

Have you ever thought that a fireplace would go great with your living room or even the bedroom? When you can choose among so many fireplace models, it is difficult to make a decision. We can help you choose a fireplace that appeals to your heart depending on your home and the atmosphere you want to bring into the room.

If you live in a block building apartment you should not skip this trend in interior design, even if you cannot mount a fireplace chimney, as you can replace it with a bio fireplace.

Bio Fireplace                                          Rustic Fireplace

biosemineu  semineu-rustic1

Terracotta Fireplace

semineu-teracota semineu-teracota_2

Mnimalist Fireplace               Stone Fireplace

semineu_minimalist semineu_piatra


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