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What is Your Fireplace Style?

In order to choose the best suited fireplace model, we should first examine the current room style. Practically, the environment dictates the most appropriate fireplace model. For instance, in a modern urban building, a minimal or classical style is most likely the way to go. In a traditional cottage, on the other hand, we should most probably consider choosing a fireplace where stone or forged metal elements are predominant.

Because personal tastes vary, our recommendation is to get inspiration from existing models and to create something original, based on your preferences. Below we offer you three dominant styles representing an excellent starting point for determining the final design of your unique fireplace model, adapted to the space you want to equip with a wood-fueled fireplace.


The timeless classic style is impregnated with modern elements adapted to the contemporary tastes.


clasic clasic-3 clasic-1


A traditional style fireplace fits perfectly in its surroundings, becoming one of the main attractions in the building.

rustic-1 rustic-3 rustic


In the past few decades, “modern” became synonimous with the contemporary Scandinavian style, dominated by the tendencies of the minimal style.

minimalist minimalist-3 minimalist-1


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